I'm participating in a childrens' writer panel discussion Sunday June 7th at 3:00pm at the San Mateo County Fair, Literary Stage. It should be fun. Please join us! More info
Prudence Breitrose, who writes the Mousenet series and Anita Volta , writer of Patulous, a story about a caterpillar will also be weighing in.
San Mateo County Fair, Literary Arts
Also check out the California Writers Club website which offers a complete roster of what will happen when on the literary stage.

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  • The Truth about Smart Robots

    A chapter of Riding the Cursed Shoots “Before we get into this, if it was you, thanks for saving my life and getting me away from Moroz. I don’t know how you did it or why, but thanks.” The backpack remained still. “Good, now that’s over.” She picked up her backpack and threw it against her headboard. The pack made squashy sounds and crunched ominously when it rebounded onto the bed. The smell of an overripe banana, left over from lunch, filled the room. Her homework was probably slick with banana now. She gritted her teeth and said firmly, “Come.
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  • Riding the Cursed Shoots, Ambril’s Tale- Book Two

    Here’s what Ambril’s latest adventure is all about. Ambril is at it again. She is dragged to safety, through a series of magic-laced Shoots and dumped back at the Derwyn garden after her run-in with an evil magic wielder named Moroz. But she keeps her tried and true friends, Ygg and Sully, in the dark about this misadventure, as she’s afraid they’ll duct tape her to a chair and take away her sources of magic. Ambril knows this would be the safest and smartest thing to do, but learning how to use her ancient Ashera, and unlock the secrets of.
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  • Interview with Tony Healey

    Carnival of Cryptid Anthology: ABC This, the second Kindle All-Stars anthology offered to raise funds to support The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is filled with stories featuring Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, Chupacabra. These are the names whispered by villagers and sailors and adventurers around the world. They fill the imagination with wonder and drive ordinary men mad in their quest to tame them. Join the Kindle All-Stars as they set off in search of the unseen. Journey with them into the heart of imagination itself, where the jungle grows dark and when something moves against you beneath.
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About Ambril’s Tale

Kirkus Review for Ambril’s Tale, The Return of the Dullaith. Normal teenagers are thrust into a world of magic in this heartfelt, occasionally hair-raising story for the Harry Potter set. Walter’s debut novel, the first in a planned series, is.
Ambril’s Tale is a wonderfully inventive fantasy that is accessible to adults, particularly if they have opinions on angry bicycles and bad-tempered garden gnomes. The story revolves around a mysteriously gifted teen by the name of Ambril who must come.
Ambril’s Tale is a simply delightful new novel! The story line and characters are incredibly creative, and really set this book apart from other fantasy novels available today. I couldn’t put it away, and stayed up all night reading it!.