Riding the Cursed Shoots, Ambril’s Tale- Book Two

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Here’s what Ambril’s latest adventure is all about.

Book 2 coverAmbril is at it again. She is dragged to safety, through a series of magic-laced Shoots and dumped back at the Derwyn garden after her run-in with an evil magic wielder named Moroz. But she keeps her tried and true friends, Ygg and Sully, in the dark about this misadventure, as she’s afraid they’ll duct tape her to a chair and take away her sources of magic.

Ambril knows this would be the safest and smartest thing to do, but learning how to use her ancient Ashera, and unlock the secrets of her medallion, the Ledrith Glain, has become an obsession for her. She must keep them hidden, as they seem to attract demons and magic wielders alike.

After a bit of groveling, she manages to strike a deal with a grouchy fairy, who begrudgingly teaches her how to master her new-found powers. Between lessons, she tangles with bounty hunters, demons and evil old ladies, then grapples with the dark magic involved in her father’s mysterious death and threatens everything close to her heart.

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