Who Sings to the Dead?

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5 out of 5 stars!
I loved this book. Normally I’m a fantasy girl, but this one hooked me early and kept me fascinated until the very end. it’s a must-read.

With ‘Who Sings to the Dead’ Tomlinson has outdone himself. Kirkus doesn’t give a starred review to just any book. Sendero, Tomlinson’s first book received one, I’m sure if they could, Kirkus would give two to ‘Who Sings to the Dead?’ Hands down, one of my favorite books this year. Tomlinson’s use of language and his mastery of the suspense genre makes his second book truly a nail-biting thrill ride through the back alleys of South America.

The plot is big enough to keep you pondering South American politics weeks after you have been forced to put the book down after reading every last word twice. This book has just enough lyrical description and access to Nina’s inner thoughts to balance out the non-stop action.

I really did not know if Nina would make it through every adventure and had to stay up way past my bedtime to find out. What a great read!

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