Ambril’s Tale Reviews

Riding the Cursed Shoots
Ambril’s Tale -Two

2E-Chapt1-3FootedJugWendy D. Walter’s Riding the Cursed Shoots is a delightful story for readers of all ages. The author’s wry sense of humor, distinctive characters, and charming story weave a spell over the reader creating such a wonderful experience that many won’t want to put the book down until they turn the last page…If you’re in the mood for an enchanting and bizarre magical tale that has everything from fairies to a demon-infested forest look no further. 4/5 stars -SPR

Return of the Dullaith
Ambril’s Tale -One

96_chapt19_baldotNormal teenagers are thrust into a world of magic in this heartfelt, occasionally hair-raising story for the Harry Potter set…The cliff-hanger ending will leave readers craving the next installment. Bound to satisfy young readers hungry for tales of magic, adventure and friendship. -Kirkus Review

Walter practices a magic too few writers are capable of wielding: putting readers right there in the story where they can see and hear and smell everything, yet never burdening the story with endless description. She’s given readers a story, characters, and a writing style they’ll be eager to come back to. -SPR