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Versatile Blogger Award

I’ve been away on a blog tour this past month and toured some marvelous blogs crafted by dedicated, talented bloggers. As my fingers are still a bit singed from rapid fire Q&A and it might be a while before I start posting on my site, I’ve decided to nominate a few of the fabulous blogs I’ve had the privilege of touring. They are all excellent bloggers, voracious readers and many of them love fantasy as much as I do.
Here’s my List:

  • Writer’s Fun Zone
    Writers Fun Zone

    Beth Barany’s (author of Henrietta, Dragonslayer) writing forward blog is an excellent resource for writers of any level. There’s information about the craft of writing and advice regarding marketing and self-publishing. Beth worked tirelessly to organize my blog tour, which, by all measures was a huge success! Kudos to you, Beth!

  • Love Made of Heart
    Love Made of Heart

    Coach Teresa LeYung Ryan is author of “Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days”. She is also a Career Coach, Manuscript & Story Consultant, Book Doctor and a Writing Coach. Teresa added something special to my blog tour, she hosted a three hour live chat with me on her site.

  • 2 Gliterary Girls
    2 Gliterary Girls

    I am blown away by this blog, There is a constant stream of thoughtful reviews and information for book lovers. If you are interested in all things YA, this is your kind of site.

  • School of the Ages
    School of the Ages

    Matt Posner’s blog hosts a steady stream of author interviews and offers book reviews focused primarily on YA fantasy. Matt has written a fantasy series himself called: School for the Ages.

  • SM Boyce
    S.M. Boyce

    Boyce, author of the fantasy series, the Grimoire Saga, hosts two blogs in one: “S.M. Boyce”, a blog focused on fantasy books, and “Writer’s Corner” a blog full of advice about publishing and marketing.

    Boyce has recently published the second in her fantasy series.

I’ll be nominating them individually through January 2013. Congratulations guys!

As part of the nomination process, I was asked to post seven random things which I like and seven that I dislike:


My favorite sneakers, the ones with the holes
Rescued dogs
A rush of fog coming through the Golden Gate
Early Christmas morning
The slant of the sun in autumn
Friday evening through to Sunday morning
Laughing with friends


Too many rules
When the bag of dog poop that I’m carrying leaks
A too small seat between two large people
Cold toes
A false sense of entitlement
Discovering there’s no chocolate in the house

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