My life, so far

About Me

Like most writers, I’m intrigued by unanswerable questions. Is there really an afterlife? If so, how do things work before and after our time in this reality? And what, exactly is a good story, well told? Of course these questions need to be explored in greater detail. I chose storytelling as my way of doing it.

Querky Bits

When asked, I tell people that my job is to make stuff up. I lead a quiet life, as most of the time I sit and stare at blank walls while exploring worlds of my own creation. It may sound lazy, but it takes a lot of energy to outrun a dragon you’ve just imagined.
I had a border collie for fifteen years who was so smart that I’m pretty sure she had a bat cave in the basement (I stole this line from my daughter :D). I’m addicted to B&J’s Chubby Hubby, though my favorite foods are all vegetables. I lust for vine-ripened tomatoes and avocados, right out of the garden, and my favorite meal has always included a huge steamed artichoke.

Family and Stuff

Though they don’t live nearby, I have two lovely and accomplished daughters who are never out of my thoughts, and a husband whom I adore.
I started out as an Interior Architect and worked on commercial and corporate build-out. I lasted ten years before cycling through several careers including: creating and teaching an art program for kids, web design, and other digital arts. I was also the editor of the Sand Hill Review (literary magazine) for several years. Off and on, I wrote and wrote and wrote.