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New Novel!

Unicorn8 is what I call a literary fantasy. I’m currently looking for an agent and a publisher for this one. I think it’s my best work, so far.

What would it be like to be given control of everything and everyone in the universe?

Helen ponders this as she becomes embroiled in the restoration of what is believed to be the magnificent eighth tapestry in the Hunt for the Unicorn series. A tapestry that her neighbor and stand-in Dad, Lar, owned forever. She soon realizes it is so much more than its colorful threads and compelling history.

She grapples with an unwanted transformation, museum politics, and the highs and lows of a first love as she struggles to retain her place in this world. Ultimately, she learns how precious a simple little life really is.

Ambril’s Tale
Book One

Return of the Dullaith
I wrote this book over ten years ago and published it myself. I’m in the throes of rewriting the entire trilogy, which I’ll likely republish in the next year. Here’s the blurb:
A three headed dog, a vicious flower bud and a walking house. They swirl around the top of fourteen year old Ambril’s old puzzle box and bedevil her in life. 

Just what do they have to do with the mystery of her father’s death? Ambril struggles to answer this question when she moves back to the town she was born in but doesn’t remember and accidentally uncovers secrets about her father which threaten to destroy her entire family.

In this, the first book of Ambril’s Tale, Ambril makes friends with some of the locals as she tangles with ornery garden gnomes, angry bicycles and a magical garden that she comes around to calling home. Along the way, she also manages to learn a little about the magic that will become her destiny. Amazon

Ambril’s Tale
Book Two

Riding the Cursed Shoots
Ambril keeps the details of her former escapades a secret from almost everyone as she’s a little hazy on the details. Something about the lacy, twisty Shoots riddling the magical world.

She’s clear on one thing, however. She’s lousy at wielding magic. 
To remedy this, she finds someone willing to teach her magic. He drills her relentlessly while the mysterious attacks on the walled village of Trelawnyd escalate. Eventually they point a finger at someone everyone trusts. Ambril knows if she doesn’t stop the attacks, the entire town will fall. With the help of her friends and a few of her enemies, Ambril sets out to save her hometown. Amazon

Sand Hill Review

Art, Poetry, and Literary Anthology

SHR is no longer active, sadly. I enjoyed my time as editor there. We produced a yearly anthology in print for many years. I participated in at least two of them before taking everything online. I had several short stories published in SHR. I also built and managed their website.

Fault Zone: Diverge

Published by the CWC, Peninsula branch, this was also a yearly literary anthology.

I was a member of the California Writers Club for several years and had a couple of stories published, while there. I also built and handled the Peninsula chapter’s website.