Author: wendydwalter

  • Ambril’s Tale: Return of the Dullaith

    Ambril’s Tale: Return of the Dullaith

    A three headed dog, a vicious flower, a fairy and a walking house. They swirl around the top of Ambril’s Ashera and bedevil her in life. Ambril makes friends with some of the locals as she tangles with ornery garden gnomes, angry bicycles, and a magical garden that she comes around to calling home. Along the way, she also manages to learn about the magic that will become her destiny.

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  • Riding the Cursed Shoots

    Riding the Cursed Shoots

    In the Second Book of Ambril’s Tale, Ambril discovers the means of getting around the universe only to discover that monsters don’t just exist in Trelawnyd, her home town. They are everywhere. She ramps up her investigation into her father’s death and trys to ferret out who really was behind the attacks on the town that her father was blamed for.

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  • The Origins of Unicorn8

    The Origins of Unicorn8

    Unicorn8 began as a short story about a weaver who used her craft to shield her from her anxieties and preserve her sanity. The tactile nature of weaving helped keep her mind off her worsening mental health. I enjoyed researching the process of weaving and began researching types of dyes and how they are made.

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  • Floriography: The Language of Flowers

    Floriography: The Language of Flowers

    Floriography was often used during the Victorian era during a courtship to express emotions secretly. Courting couples were rarely allowed to be alone together, so a secret language was devised to allow heartfelt emotions to be expressed without censure.

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  • Scents and the Language of Flowers

    Scents and the Language of Flowers

    In my upcoming novel, Helen has lived such a sheltered life that she hardly knows what to do with people. To make sense of the world, she uses what she knows of flowers as a tool to understand what underlying emotions might be occurring in someone else’s head. She assigns scents to various feelings and emotions and when she believes another person is feeling one of those emotions she detects the scent of a particular flower on their person. It’s a way she has of imposing order in an otherwise chaotic and often confusing existence.

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  • First Tapestry: Beginning the Hunt

    First Tapestry: Beginning the Hunt

    “The Hunt of the Unicorn” is a series of tapestries dating back to the late Middle Ages or early Renaissance period, likely created in the Southern Netherlands (modern-day Belgium). These tapestries are renowned for their intricate detail, vibrant colors, and enigmatic symbolism.

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