Riding the Cursed Shoots

Riding the Cursed Shoots

Ambril’s Tale: Book Two

In the Second Book of Ambril’s Tale, Ambril discovers the means of getting around the universe only to discover that monsters don’t just exist in Trelawnyd, her home town. They are everywhere. She ramps up her investigation into her father’s death and trys to ferret out who really was behind the attacks on the town that her father was blamed for.

Ambril miraculously escapes from the evil Moroz but keeps the details of her escapades a secret from everyone except a grouchy fairy, whom she discovers has been spying on her ever since her first night in Trelawnyd. Actually, she really doesn’t have a choice about staying quiet, as she’s a little hazy on exactly how she escaped, herself. Something about the lacy, twisty Shoots riddling the magical world. She’s clear on one thing, however. She’s lousy at wielding magic. 

To remedy this, she finds someone willing to teach her magic. He drills her relentlessly while the mysterious attacks on the walled village of Trelawnyd escalate. Eventually they point a finger at her soon-to-be stepfather, Feldez. 

But Feldez appears to be unstoppable. He practically runs the town. Everyone trusts him, even her own mother. But Ambril knows if she doesn’t stop the attacks, it won’t be just her life that is ruined. The entire town will fall.

With the help of her friends and a few of her enemies, Ambril sets out to save her hometown, even if it means she gets tossed into the forest without a breadcrumb trail to help find her way home again.

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