Blue roses means "impossible" in the language of flowers.

Scents and the Language of Flowers

Blue roses means "impossible" in the language of flowers.

The Scent of Flowers and Floriography

Floriography, also known as the language of flowers, is a fascinating historical practice where various flowers and floral arrangements are used to convey specific meanings or messages. It gained popularity during the Victorian era, where expressing emotions openly was often considered taboo. People would communicate their feelings, desires, or thoughts through the selection and arrangement of flowers.

The choice of flowers and their scents played a crucial role in conveying these messages. Each flower was assigned a specific meaning, allowing individuals to express themselves in a subtle yet meaningful way. For example, roses were commonly associated with love and passion, while lilies symbolized purity and innocence.

Incorporating the scent of flowers into floriography allowed individuals to evoke certain emotions or memories in the recipient, enhancing the overall message being conveyed. Whether it was a bouquet gifted to a loved one or a carefully arranged centerpiece at a social gathering, the scent of flowers added depth and significance to the language of flowers.


In my upcoming novel, Helen has lived such a sheltered life that she hardly knows what to do with people. In order to make sense of the world, she uses what she knows of flowers as a tool to understand what underlying emotions might be occuring in some one else’s head. She assigns scents to various feelings and emotions and when she believes another person is feeling oen of those emotions she detects the scent of a particular flower on their person. It’s a way she has of imposing order in an otherwise chaotic and often confusing existence.

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