Ambril’s Tale: Return of the Dullaith

Return of the Dullaith

Ambril’s Tale: Book One

Fowlclun befriends Ambril when she and her family return to the town she was born in but doesn’t remember. He’s a walking house with chicken legs who is inhabited by a witch, among other magical creatures.

There’s also a three headed dog, a vicious flower, a fairy and a walking house. They swirl around the top of Ambril’s Ashera and bedevil her in life. Ambril makes friends with some of the locals as she tangles with ornery garden gnomes, angry bicycles, and a magical garden that she comes around to calling home. Along the way, she also manages to learn about the magic that will become her destiny.

Parch and Jute are two of the magical beings that live in Fowlclun and help Ambril as she tries to solve the mystery of her father’s death.

Ambril’s life changes forever when she discovers a medallion locked inside an ancient puzzle box, called an Ashera. She soon finds out that it is one heck of a monster magnet. Though it helps her make sense of the strange, magical things that she stumbles upon—that is most of the time. Just what does it have to do with the mystery of her father’s death? Ambril struggles with this question when she uncovers secrets about her father which threaten to destroy her entire family.

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